Virtual Services at The Mill House

Providing person-centered, community-based services has always been the hallmark of our service delivery at Community Brain Injury Services. 2020 challenged us to reimagine what that looks like. With the rise of the pandemic COVID-19 in our service areas in March of 2020, Community Brain Injury Services, in complying with a mandatory stay at home order, was forced to close our physical programs and cease face-to-face case management meetings. We knew it was safest for the individuals we serve to remain physically and socially distanced, but we needed a way to maintain contact with our members and clients and continue to offer an opportunity to engage with each other and minimize the social isolation caused by quarantining alone.

The answer to this dilemma was virtual services. The staff at The Mill House began offering regular group meetings online, through Google Meet, Zoom, and Facebook. As the stay-at-home order continued on, the virtual offerings grew into a robust virtual service program growing in participation and the creativity of each session.

Although The Mill House reopened their doors in July 2020 to resume limited in-person services, virtual programming has continued. Virtual services allows members the flexibility, and the opportunity, to continue to engage in our services on a platform that they are comfortable with. The Mill House offers a robust schedule of virtual programming and welcomes members to join any session they are interested in!

What Virtual Services are offered at the Clubhouse?

The Mill House has developed a robust virtual program consisting of at least two virtual meetings a day. Members attending virtually can join the members in person in the morning meeting every week day, as well as dedicated virtual meetings in the afternoon. Below you will find our array of virtual opportunities.

  • Chair One Fitness
  • Advocacy Unit meetings
  • Health and Safety meetings
  • Clubhouse Standards Committee
  • Art Expression Group
  • Advocacy presentations with legislators

Social opportunities are also scheduled and include lunch social hours and virtual programs.

Please check out The Mill House calendar of virtual programs and contact your Unit Coordinator for log-in information.