Sentara Healthcare awards The Denbigh House with transportation grant

For immediate release 2/19/20

Enhancing Connection to Care for Brain Injury Survivors on the Virginia Peninsula

Community Brain Injury Services partners with Sentara Healthcare to address transportation challenges


Community Brain Injury Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is pleased to announce our Newport News based Clubhouse-model program, The Denbigh House, is the recipient of a generous grant from Sentara Healthcare.

This grant will specifically address transportation challenges and provide an enhanced connection to care for survivors of brain injury on the Virginia Peninsula effectively eliminating the barrier to services created by a lack of reasonable and accessible transportation.

In order to participate in the array of rehabilitative services available at The Denbigh House, individuals who have suffered a brain injury need access to reliable transportation. This generous funding from Sentara Healthcare will allow individuals to utilize rideshare services to travel to the program.

In addition to providing transportation to The Denbigh House, our Peninsula case management program will also use funding to help clients independently attend medical, mental health, and rehabilitation appointments. This funding is especially critical for survivors of brain injury residing in Williamsburg, James City County, and York County due to the lack of an integrated paratransit system linking these localities with the service rich areas of Newport News and Hampton.

An estimated 15,500 individuals living with a disability due to an acquired brain injury on the Tidewater Peninsula, making brain injury one of the largest disability populations in the area. Although classified as an injury, brain injury is actually a chronic disease and, for severe injuries, involves lifelong impacts.

The Denbigh House was the first community-based service for survivors of brain injury in the Hampton Roads region. The Denbigh House works with individuals to regain and maintain the skills and behaviors needed to return to competitive employment after a brain injury. Both The Denbigh House and case management services are a part of the state designated safety net service system for brain injury.

For more information on The Denbigh House and referrals to the program, please contact Jessica Dupuy at (757) 833-7845 or

For more information on the Sentara Healthcare grant, please contact Claire Yarbrough at (804) 386-0925 or


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