Mission, Vision, and Guiding Values

Our Mission is to empower survivors of brain injury to regain and maintain independence through innovative, outcomes-based services.

Our Vision at Community Brain Injury Services is for every survivor of brain injury to have the opportunity to realize a life of purpose and self-determined value.

Community Brain Injury Services Guiding Principles and Values

Core Philosophy: We deliver services which are flexible, responsive and firmly rooted in best practice. We empower survivors of brain injury to be active participants in their own rehabilitation, to develop needed community based services, and to advocate for the individual and macro-level needs of the brain injury community.

  • Person-Centered Service Planning:  Persons receiving services are, at all times, the central driving force in all planning efforts, service delivery options, and decisions regarding their recovery from their brain injuries.
  • Team Based Service Coordination: All services are well integrated with existing services in the community. We are the “hub” of each individual’s team, coordinating services and providing prompt communication to all team and family members. The ultimate outcome of our service coordination is a strong team in place to support each individual to meet their vocational and life goals.
  • Exceptional Staff: We recruit, hire, and retain highly qualified staff that is dedicated to our service philosophy and the individuals we serve. Staff is provided the most up to date training and information on best practices in our field.
  • Inviting Atmosphere: All CBIS programs have a welcoming and therapeutic atmosphere. An attractive, well-organized, friendly environment provides a good initial impression to our stakeholders. Participants of all programs are involved as much as possible in developing and maintaining an inviting atmosphere at the program.
  • Outcomes Oriented: Services are focused on obtaining meaningful results for those to whom the service is provided. Program results include delivery of services in an efficient, effective fashion, while at the same time providing a high level of stakeholder satisfaction. Our stakeholders include not only our clients, but also their family members, referral sources, and funding sources.

The History of Community Brain Injury Services

Prior to 1999, Virginia offered little to survivors of brain injury after medical rehabilitation. mill house advocacy wheelchair ramp dedicationWith the increased incidence of brain injury, the need for long term community based services became evident to both local individuals and state officials. In 1999, the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services responded by funding the state’s first clubhouse for survivors of brain injury, The Mill House. Located in Richmond, The Mill House offered an innovative approach to community reintegration where survivors could claim ownership over rehabilitation and actively pursue long term goals.

The Mill House, operating under the nonprofit name Community Brain Injury Services (CBIS), not only succeeded in bringing needed services to Richmond, but also obtained grant funding to open a second clubhouse and to provide case management services. In 2005, CBIS founded The Denbigh House in Newport News, now serving survivors in the Middle Peninsula and Peninsula area. In 2007, CBIS began serving survivors of brain injury in the Metro Richmond area with case management services.