The Denbigh House

The Denbigh House, our second Clubhouse, opened in 2005 in Newport News to become the first community based program for survivors of brain injury on the Hampton Roads Peninsula.  The Denbigh House has three work units. Through the structure of the work-ordered day and participation in the work units, individuals regain the work skills and behaviors necessary to return to work and develop independent living skills. The work units include:

  • Communications Unit
  • Advocacy and Outreach Unit
  • Kitchen and Maintenance Unit
Why join a Clubhouse?

Members join The Denbigh House for a variety of reasons and to accomplish a variety of individualized goals.  Some members join the Clubhouse to obtain support to return to paid employment after their brain injury. Other individuals attend to have access to a supportive community of peers or to become more active and productive following their brain injury.  The Clubhouse also serves as a great respite resource for families and caregivers, providing their loved one with meaningful daily productive activity.

In addition to the daily Clubhouse work structure, members also work with a dedicated Clubhouse staff person to develop a personalized service plan of specific short-term and long-term goals that the individual would like to accomplish through their attendance at the Clubhouse.

Services at The Denbigh House

Membership at The Denbigh House provides an opportunity for survivors of brain injury to
  • Participate in a structured work-ordered day
  • Develop Independent Living Skills
  • Identify and coordinate short and long term goals through our service planning process
  • Train and participate in self and community advocacy
  • Case management services
  • Monthly social and recreational programs
  • A supportive network of peers

Employment Services at The Denbigh House

The Denbigh House offers a number of employment services when an individual is ready to work towards competitive employment:
  • Group community volunteer placements
  • Individual community volunteer placements
  • Vocational Transitions Program: 20 session classroom style educational program designed to relearn work skills, such as interviewing and resume development
  • Employee Development Services: Structured 30 work day work evaluation service
  • Designated Department of Rehabilitative and Aging Services (DARS): Vocational Rehabilitative Services

Eligibility Information

The Denbigh House provides services to individuals over the age of 18 with a documented history of an acquired brain injury on the Virginia Peninsula and Middle Peninsula. Membership is voluntary and available to the individual for as long as they need services.

The Denbigh House accepts a number of payment sources including Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and external funding sources for specific employment services.  The Denbigh House offers a sliding scale fee for individuals without a funding source that is based upon each individual’s financial situation.  CBIS has an organizational policy not to turn anyone away based on their ability to pay for services.

To make a Referral

Individuals with a brain injury may refer themselves, or any support person, including a professional, family member, or friend can make a referral.  Referrals to the program may be received by phone, fax, or mail.

For more information on The Denbigh House or to make a referral, please contact:

Jessica Dupuy, Clubhouse Director
12725 McManus Blvd. Suite 2E
Newport News, VA  23602
(757) 833-7845

Please complete the Intake Application and return as instructed.