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The Mill House

The Mill House was Virginia’s first Clubhouse Model Program for survivors of brain injury and has served as the model for the other five Clubhouse open in Virginia today.  Since opening in 1999, The Mill House has served nearly  500 survivors of brain injury in the Metro Richmond area.   Our Clubhouse offers a full array of community based services specifically geared towards survivors of brain injury guided by a highly trained team of brain injury professionals.   These services are provided in a warm inviting atmosphere with a service philosophy that is focused on helping each member achieve their own individualized goals.



Services at The Mill House
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Membership at The Mill House provides an opportunity for survivors of brain injury to:

  • Regain the appropriate work skills and behaviors to return to competitive employment
  • Development of Independent Living Skills
  • Training and participation in self and community advocacy
  • Vendored employment services to aid in an individual’s return to work, including Employee Development Services and Supported Employment
  • Participation in the Virginia Clubhouse Vocational Transitions Program (VCVTP)
  • Connection and participation in community and individual volunteer work experiences
  • Monthly social and recreational Programs
  • Designated DARS Vocational Counselor
  • A supportive network of peers
  • Identification and coordination of short and long term goals through the Individualized Service Planning process
  • Case management services


Eligibility Information

The Mill House provides services to individuals over the age of 18 with a documented history of an acquired brain injury in the Metro Richmond area. Membership is voluntary and available to the individual for as long as they need services.

The Mill House accepts a number of payment sources including Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and external funding sources for specific employment services.  The Mill House offers a sliding scale fee for individuals without a funding source that is based upon each individual’s financial situation.  CBIS has an organizational policy not to turn anyone away based on their ability to pay for services.


To make a Referral

Individuals with a brain injury may refer themselves, or any support person, including a professional, family member, or friend can make a referral.  Referrals to the program may be received by phone, fax, or mail.

For more information on The Mill House or to make a referral, please contact:

Joe Craig, Program Coordinator
7812 Shrader Rd.
Richmond, VA 23294
(804) 261-7050