Programs & Services

Providing a supportive environment for survivors of brain injury to return to a life of independence

Community Brain Injury Services is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the Metro Richmond and Tidewater areas of Virginia that is dedicated to providing innovative services to survivors of brain injury. Through our Clubhouse and Case Management programs, survivors refine work skills, rebuild self-esteem, fully rejoin their communities, and are connected to the resources that will help them achieve the greatest level of independence in their lives.


Clubhouse Programs

Our Clubhouse programs emphasize the power and value of meaningful work.  Within our society, work helps to define both what we do and who we are.  At the Clubhouse, staff and program participants, called “members”, work side by side to run all aspects of the program, from cleaning the bathroom to hiring new staff. Through the process of the work-ordered day, members not only relearn work skills and behaviors, but also develop skills necessary to live more independently.  The benefits of participation in the Clubhouse, though, are more than just redeveloping work and independent living skills.  By introducing survivors of brain injury to the Clubhouse, members gain self-confidence, purpose, social connections, and an opportunity to fully rejoin their community.


Case Management Services

DSC04723Life after a brain injury is often filled with complex challenges, affecting not only the survivor of brain injury, but their family and support system as well.  Managing the challenges following medical rehabilitation and locating the appropriate resources in the community can be overwhelming. Case Managers at Community Brain Injury Services can help bridge the gap from the hospital and medical rehabilitation to community-based services, and can provide the support specific to the unique needs of survivors of brain injury, acting as an advocate for the client and family as they navigate service systems together.