Guiding Values and Philosophy

Guiding Values & Philosophy

Community Brain Injury Services provides services to survivors of brain injury that are designed to help survivors more fully recover from injury and become more fully integrated into the larger community. Our services help survivors live safely and independently in the community by working with individuals to relearn and refine work skills and rebuild self-esteem, and by offering access to appropriate services and resources to meet their needs.

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The success of Community Brain Injury Services can be measured by:

  • Program Growth: Together, our three programs provide services to over 200 survivors of brain injury annually
  • Replication of Program Services: inspired by the success of The Mill House, four additional brain injury clubhouses now operate in Virginia
  • Recognition by the Virginia General Assembly: named both clubhouse programs and case management services as two of three core services for survivors of brain injury essential to every community in the state and
  • By the Testimony of Countless Survivors: who found support, encouragement, and community through membership in a clubhouse or the service of a case manager.

What our members and clients are saying:

“My case manager is an outstanding part of my recovery from a TBI.”

“The people at Community Brain Injury Services really want to help you!”

“I used to be nervous about meeting new people since my accident. The Clubhouse has helped me to regain my independence and confidence.”