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About Community Brain Injury Services

Prior to 1999, Virginia offered little to survivors of brain injury after medical rehabilitation. With the increased incidence of brain injury, the need for long term community based services became evident to both local individuals and state officials. In 1999, the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services responded by funding the state’s first clubhouse for survivors of brain injury, The Mill House. Located in Richmond, The Mill House offered an innovative approach to community reintegration where survivors could claim ownership over rehabilitation and actively pursue long term goals.
The Mill House, operating under the nonprofit name Community Brain Injury Services (CBIS), not only succeeded in bringing needed services to Richmond, but also obtained grant funding to open a second clubhouse and to provide case management services. In 2005, CBIS founded The Denbigh House in Newport News, now serving survivors in the Middle Peninsula and Peninsula area. In 2007, CBIS began serving survivors of brain injury in the Metro Richmond area with case management services.

The success of Community Brain Injury Services can be measured by a) program growth: The Mill House now serves over 30 active members while The Denbigh House serves 25 active members, b) replication of program services: inspired by the success of The Mill House, four additional brain injury clubhouses now operate in Virginia c) recognition by the Virginia General Assembly, who named both clubhouse programs and case management services as two of three core services for survivors of brain injury essential to every community in the state and d) by the testimony of countless survivors who found support, encouragement, and community through membership in a clubhouse or the service of a case manager.